Company profile

Company slogan:

“we deliver,we care "

Company objectives:

Strive to become the top 100 excellent supply chain enterprises in China by 2025.

Enterprise spirit:

Dedication, integrity, responsibility and innovation;

Dedication: with the most patient service attitude, we will help all high-quality customers trade successfully. We cherish this opportunity. We respect this profession and are proud of it;

Integrity: treat people with sincerity, convince people, guarantee the interests of the company with the interests of customers, and realize economic benefits with social benefits;

Conscientious: our land transportation, sea transportation, air transportation, warehousing, customs declaration and other links are conscientious, meticulous and considerate to the door;

Innovation: the essence of innovation is creative destruction. The way of innovation is creative thinking and exploration. Only through constant self denial and self-improvement can we create valuable products, markets and services.

Talent view:

Attitude determines everything, and details determine success or failure;

People oriented. Respect knowledge and personality;

Only performance, not only education, not only qualifications, not only past credit;

Provide sufficient resources so that all employees can develop in the direction most suitable for themselves;

Encourage innovation and advocate "performance". Improve the system and norms, and make progress from being responsible to others to being responsible for things;

Encourage "thinking about things", oppose "thinking about people", and never allow any form of "office politics".

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