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Marine Operations Manager

2021/09/13 Changsha 1 8-15K

Number of recruiters 2 valid to long-term

Education requirements: Bachelor degree or above, regardless of gender

Age requirement 20-35 salary negotiable

Language requirements English proficiency workplace Shenzhen

Detailed requirements

Job description:

1. Be responsible for the daily management of the operation Department, optimize various daily operation links of the operation Department, reduce operation costs and improve service quality.

2. Be responsible for contacting the relationship between the company and customers, reasonably arranging the operation process, and ensuring the orderly work of the Department.

3. Be responsible for contacting and coordinating the company's customers, accurately and timely handling the customer's information and requirements, and effectively tracking to make the customers satisfied.

4. Be familiar with the shipping market price, regularly collect the shipping market information, analyze the existing market and make a reasonable prediction of the future market.

5. Be familiar with the information of route makers in the Pearl River Delta and surrounding ports, expand the booking resources of marine FCL and LCL, and have their own stable customers is preferred.

6. Establish a high-quality service quality management system, support the market expansion of business departments, improve customer satisfaction, and maintain the long-term and stable cooperative relationship between customers and the company through high-quality service and professional operation ability.

7. Familiar with import and export operation process, and familiar with customs, commodity inspection, import and export goods supervision and other business processes.

8. Establish and strengthen team building, and be responsible for building an operation team with service priority, rapid response and high teamwork spirit.


1. Bachelor degree or above, at least 5 years of international freight operation experience, more than 2 years of management experience, major in international trade, English and shipping is preferred.

2. Proficient in English listening, speaking, reading and writing, can communicate fluently with overseas agents, proficient in computer operation, and familiar with the import and export practice of sea and air transportation.

3. Strong operational awareness and proficient in foreign trade business knowledge, good at integrating and allocating resources.

4. Have a strong sense of enthusiasm, dedication and responsibility.

5. Be able to independently undertake the daily management, assessment and training of the operation Department.

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