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Dangerous goods are hidden in containers! The shipping company will impose a heavy penalty of 30000 US dollars / box

2022-04-25 23:50:13 htscadmin 20

Recently, the Shantou port customs under Shantou customs found 10 cases of undeclared lead-acid batteries (including acid) hidden in the export goods declared as electric toys. At present, the Customs has filed an investigation into the above situation.

Lead acid batteries (including acid) belong to category 8 dangerous goods, and their packaging containers shall be qualified by the customs before they can be exported. Because Shantou International container terminal does not have the qualification for import and export of dangerous goods, and the party concerned failed to apply to the Customs for packaging and use identification of export dangerous goods as required. Shantou port customs immediately supervised the withdrawal of this batch of dangerous goods from the supervised workplace and informed the competent department of Shantou International Container Terminal industry of the relevant situation. The Customs has filed an investigation into the above situation.

Customs reminder: according to relevant laws and regulations, enterprises need to import and export dangerous goods in ports with import and export qualification. Dangerous goods that use unidentified or unqualified packaging containers are not allowed to be exported.


It is understood that there are two reasons for the explosion of lead-acid battery. One is physical: the battery shell explodes due to excessive internal pressure of the battery; The other is chemical. The hydrogen electrolyzed from the battery is ignited by an external open fire. Therefore, if you want to transport such goods, you must declare them truthfully, and do not hide them by chance. Once an accident occurs, the consequences will be unimaginable.

The shipping company fined 30000 dollars! Strengthen the management of goods concealment / omission / misrepresentation

Recently, HMM issued a notice on strengthening the management of goods concealment / omission / misrepresentation. The notice states that from May 15, 2022 (the sailing date), in case of wrong declaration, concealment and omission of goods booked at HMM Shanghai, Ningbo, Tianjin, Qingdao, Dalian and Nanjing branches and exported to the world, the relevant customers must pay a penalty of 30000 USD / natural container, and will also claim for all losses and expenses caused by wrong declaration, concealment and omission from the relevant responsible parties.

The complete notice is as follows: